Welcome to Høje-Taastrup Municipality
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Welcome to Høje-Taastrup Municipality

Høje-Taastrup Municipality is situated approx. 20 kilometers west of Copenhagen and is a municipality with approx. 50.000 citizens.

Axeltorv i Taastrup, Høje-Taastrup Kommune


Høje-Taastrup Kommune
Bygaden 2
DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone +45 43 59 10 00

Opening hours

If you are a new citizen in Høje-Taastrup Municipality
If you have moved to Høje-Taastrup municipality to live here for the first time, you must immediately contact International Citizen Service, located in International House Copenhagen, which offers public and private services to companies and international newcomers. For further information about opening hours and a description of services in International House, please visit www.ihcph.dk .

What you find on this website

Our website is in Danish only. You will find information about day care, schools, homes and activities for elderly or disabled inhabitants, social services etc. Contact information above.

Living in Denmark

If you need information about being a foreigner living in Denmark, you will find several useful links in the bottom of this page.

Facts about Høje-Taastrup

Høje-Taastrup municipality covers an area of 78 square kilometers and consists of three towns with train stations and 14 original villages. Høje-Taastrup municipality is situated approx. 20 kilometers west of Copenhagen. Approx. 46.000 people live in Høje-Taastrup Community. 

Whether you live or work in Høje-Taastrup the municipality has a lot to offer. Excellent traffic connections, nearby forests, beaches and open land. Watch the video about Høje-Taastrup.

The local government

Høje-Taastrup Municipality is governed by the Byrådet (town council) consisting of 21 elected representatives including the mayor Mr. Michael Ziegler. View all the members of the Byrådet (town council).

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T: 43 59 10 00