Welcome to Høje-Taastrup Municipality
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Welcome to Høje-Taastrup Municipality

In Høje-Taastrup, everything that you need is close by.

You are close to unique nature areas – from Hedeland to Vestskoven. Close to the city, with just 13 minutes to the centre of Copenhagen. Close to every kind of job – from research and IT to service and transport - as we are the best in Denmark at creating new jobs. Close to cultural and leisure activities, from archery to art classes, and your children live close to their school and classmates.

Høje-Taastrup Municipality has many types of housing: you can live near a station, in an urban centre, a modern block of flats with fine views, a family-friendly detached home, a thatched-roof cottage in one of our many villages – or in the new "Nærheden" quarter. The choice is yours, but you will not be alone, since more than 50,000 people already live here and within the next few years we look forward to welcoming 8,000 new residents in our coming new urban areas.

Facts about Høje-Taastrup Municipality

Høje-Taastrup Municipality has a total area of 78 km2 and consists of three large towns with train stations and 14 original villages. The municipality lies approximately 20 km west of Copenhagen and has a population of around 50,000.

Høje-Taastrup Municipality is one of the largest municipalities in Greater Copenhagen, with good motorway connections, besides the Intercity, regional and S-train networks, and an extensive bus service.

This is a large commuter municipality, with many commuters travelling to and from Høje-Taastrup on a daily basis. Around 25,000 people commute into Høje-Taastrup during the week, to their jobs in one of the many companies based here.

The municipality has large companies within IT and service, logistics and transport, and regional retail trading. Danske Bank and Nordea are among the companies with large branches here, while PostNord, IKEA, DSV and DISA are also located in the municipality, besides knowledge-intensive companies and institutions such as the Danish Technological Institute and Rockwool. There are also many small and medium-sized craft and production companies.

Høje-Taastrup Municipality stands for professional and effective municipal services. We wish to provide services to our residents that are based on openness, respect and understanding of other people's social and cultural backgrounds.

Town Council

Høje-Taastrup Municipality's Town Council has 21 democratically elected members.

The current Mayor is Michael Ziegler (Conservative).

See the other members of the Town Council (in Danish only)

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