Klima, miljø og energi
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Strategic Energy and Climate Plan 2020

A future free from fossil fuels. In Høje-Taastrup Municipality, we aim our efforts at obtaining the regional, national, and international objectives in the fight against global climate changes.


Click here and read the Executive Summary: Strategic Energy and Climate Plan 2020

In order to carry out this task, we operate with strategic energy and climate planning on a concrete and practical level where new green activities are continuously initiated and implemented for the benefit of citizens and businesses.

Through the implementation of climate plan 2009-2013, the municipality has shown that a systematic and efficient effort can lead to considerable CO2 reductions and efficient energy use. 

In the period of 2008-2012 the municipality’s overall CO2 emission has been reduced by about 20% and in the municipality as a company it has been reduced by 25%. The effort coincides with an increase in the number of jobs and residents of the municipality.

Read the Executive Summary: Strategic Energy and Climate Plan 2020

Four core areas of operation and Høje-Taastrup as a SMART City

The Strategic Energy and Climate Plan 2020 for Høje-Ta¬astrup Municipality focuses on four areas of operation and on Høje-Taastrup as a SMART City. 

Watch the videos to find out how we work with:

Energy efficiency

Electricity Supply

Heat Supply


Høje-Taastrup as a SMART City

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